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Yasuyo Fukai
 (Master Instructor)
CEO of ViBody Pilates
PSGA Matt & Reformer Leader Training Grand Master Trainer
Pregnancy support advisor
Maternity, postpartum trainer
Pelvic floor muscle exercise
Natural Beauty Diet Meister

It annoys me that taller than other girls and slouching body shape for a long time. That was the reason why I started Pilate and one day someone asked me ‘Are you doing ballet?’ I was surprised to hear that. Because my body posture was totally toned-up!

Also my leg line, circulation system and gynecological condition that always had trouble were much improved. After then I feel really great and totally reborn.

This is it! I found my lifetime work to do a pilates instructor and I would deliver effect and benefit of Pilates to peoples who suffer from bad body condition.

Since then it’s been 14years. We are always open for you with designed lesson menu.

Let’s try and continue! Pilates make you changes!


Mat Pilates instructor Level 1 & 2 @PSGA

FLO Pilates instructor @Pilates trainers

Master Of Sake 

Sake Quality Appraiser

At the time when I was working in Hong Kong, I used to face long working hours and daily hectic schedule as Director of a jewellery brand.  As a result, my physical condition dropped gradually and I got body joint aches from time to time.  Since then I started to exercise in gym and do Yoga practice but it didn’t help much and my problem got even worse!  One of my instructors somehow recommended me to do Pilates for a better and faster recovery.  It really works, not only tone-up my body condition and it improves my body alignment as well.  From that experience, I developed greater interest in Pilates and hoping to be an instructor one day could help people who suffer from similar problems.
After my retirement, I returned to Japan and acquired a mat Pilates instructor license at PSGA.

Always stay considerate of everyone's problem and try to get recovery together! 

Keep smiling!

Pelvic yoga instructor
Core Power Yoga CPY®
Fascia Release Yoga Instructor Refresh Dry Head Spa Superfood Expert Aroma Space Design

‘Beauty’ and ‘Health’ are closely related. I always try to approach from inside/outside and mind/body.

Hold various dietary qualifications of vegetables, fruits, grains and super foods. For Yoga, specialized in stretching classes based on fascia release and high intensive classes with core works.

From 2018 to 2019, elected as instructor member of biggest Yoga festival ‘Yoga Fest’ and ‘Yoga Japan’ . 

Also exercise articles have been serialized for total 8 of Yoga and female medias.

JYIA Yoga Instructor
Pelvic Adjustment Yoga Instructor Body Scan Self-Massage Around Therapy® Certification

Targeting for health beauty both mental and physical, also try to provide lessons that stay considerate of everyone’s demand. Let’s relax and tone-up your body and mind that there are many of Yoga methods may work your body and mind condition.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and share the moment through lessons.

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