Online Lesson

Anytime, anywhere, enjoy your online lesson at your own private environment.

That gives you great benefit of beautiful posture,

total body tone-up and also improve of the autonomic nerves problems,

reduce menopause symptoms and boost immunity system.

Various exercises will create strong body and graceful mind.

Let’s move together with us at home!

\ Online ... ♪ /


at home!

No need makeup,

No need dress up!

Enjoy lessons

with kids!

Resolving lack

of exercise


You can participate anywhere!

Comment from users
○ Avoid lack of exercise and feel released my body with quick lessons at home.

○ There are lessons for different purposes and enjoy many time with unlimited plan.

○ I've been continue exercise via online and success lose weight! 

○ Shoulder and back pain have gone

○ It looks rejuvenated my friend say my posture was much improved

○ Legs line alignment getting straight

○ Online lessons are ompletely different from do it myself

○ Bilingual classes are fun to study English

How to attend

・ Install "Zoom" app into your computer or other devices.
・ Please make a reservation for your favorite class from website.

・ The latest 60min before the lesson start, Zoom URL with ID and login PW will be sent to the registered email address.

・ Please make a reservation at least 60min before the lesson starts. (Please note that you may not be able to enter if you make reservation in the last minute)
・ Entering the room will start about 5 minutes before the lesson start. Pls. mention your name when you enter.

・ Until the lesson start, it will being in a standby state.
・ If possible please turn your video on. (If inconvenient, it can be turned off of course)
・ All members will be mute audio during the lesson. You can unmute and talk with instructor before/after lesson.
・ Lessons duration time, 30 min, 45 min and 60 min in due course.

Online group lessons

■ 1 lesson duration time 30min to 45 min (about 20-28 lessons in a month)

・ Pilates, yoga, etc. 

* Relaxing classes to improving stiff shoulder / back pain, body alignment, and tone-up classes are available.


[Monthly Free] Enjoy attend all classes unlimitedly, monthly membership fee 3,980 yen

* Special discount for enroll right after trial and add LINE friends → Monthly fee(unlimited)  3,278 yen
[One-time visitor ticket] 1,500 yen

[Trial lesson] One time free

Private Online Lesson, Private Online group Lesson
Please let us know the ideal date that convenient for you and decide the date/time with instructor. We will be able to check your posture and movement with a mutual camera and provide accurate guidance during private lesson. We will tailor make your own lesson menu and targeting improve your physical condition together.
★ Please check this page for lesson fees and ticket purchases.

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