Personal Lesson

Beginning with posture check and counseling, while explaining improvements

We will proceed with the lesson with the menu that suits you.
By using mats, Pilates reformers, and equipment

We will improve the effect.
The lesson schedule will be decided in consultation with the customer and the instructor.
* It will be a time zone when there are no group lessons.

With family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Group private lessons are also recommended.

How to attend

Please contact with the following details.

The schedule will be decided by the customer and the instructor in charge.


・ Name

・ Online or face-to-face lessons (please indicate who you wish)

・ Motivation, purpose


★ Once the lesson schedule is decided, you will be required to pay in advance (pay by credit card with PayPal)

* Group private will be paid after the lesson.



Instructor introduction

  Yasuyo Fukai
Representative of ViBody Pilates
PSGA Matt & Reformer Leader Training Grand Master Trainer
Pregnancy support advisor
Maternity, postpartum trainer
Pelvic floor muscle exercise
Natural Beauty Diet Meister


■ Please check this page for the prices of various lessons and the purchase of tickets.